Digital Game

– – –


“Information made with a computer that absolutely requires a computer to run as intended.”

– – –


“A system of rules the players interact with by making decisions, which irreversibly change the state of the system, in trying to achieve winning conditions while avoiding losing conditions.”

A few distinctions between games and similar activities:

– Tests and exams aren’t games as individual questions don’t form a system in which to exercise decisions making. There is no feedback on your actions so you don’t know whether you are doing well or not i.e. they are not interactive (for most part)

-Athletics events, like the 100m sprint, aren’t games as they lack any decisions the players can make to increase their chances of winning. It’s all about beforehand practice and the physical act itself. Competition, as a concept, exists outside of games.

– – –

Video Game

“A digital game that focuses on the audio visual aspects of the experience”

Generally speaking many casual, mobile and console games are included in this set. The main reason for the success of video games is mass appeal. Lots of video games are sold based on screenshots and video content.

– – –

Cinematic game

“A video game that focuses on storytelling using cinematic techniques.”

A game where much of the experience is defined by cinematic story driven content. At this point you’ll usually start to see very clear static/dynamic duality in the experience. At one moment the player is in control and moments later they are in a barely interactive in engine cutscene.

Interactive movie, a sub-medium of interactive fiction, is a closely related medium, which doesn’t suffer from this interactivity vs. story problem as the interactions are baked into the narrative from the get go.


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